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Khandwa Diocesan Education Society

President: Most Rev. A.A.S. Durairaj SVD

Secretary: Fr. John J Victor

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Khandwa Diocesan Education Society (KDES) is a Registered Society, constituted to administer, manage and co-ordinate effective, efficient and smooth functioning of the educational institutions started in the Catholic Diocese of Khandwa. 

Most of the schools started by missionaries in the initial years of Nimar mission are occupying a central position in the educational map of the region. Today there are 40 educational institutions in the diocese either run directly by the diocese or by different religious congregations working in the diocese.  

From their founding more than 125 years ago, Catholic schools in the diocese have placed special emphasis on providing educational opportunities for the poor and socially marginalized, a mission which continues today. The Catholic schools of diocese grew and evolved to meet the changing needs of the families they served both catholic and non-Catholic. 

Inspired by our rich past and building on that tradition of excellence, we continue our mission to educate students intellectually, spiritually, morally and physically in an environment infused with the Gospel message; and we remain steadfast in our commitment to provide a education to every child who seeks it. In 2019-20, more than 40,000 children were enrolled in 40 Catholic elementary and secondary schools across the four civil districts of  the diocese of Khandwa.