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Vision: Witness to the Word of God by serving His People

Mission: Enlightened by the Word of God and guided by the Holy Spirit, we priests, religious, and laity are committed to our pastoral responsibilities of witnessing to Christ by serving the marginalized and underprivileged and thus building up faithful and life-giving Christian Communities.  


St. Mary’s Cathedral

The Current Cathedral Church was blessed and inaugurated on Dec 11, 2005. It  has a total built in area of about 13,000 sq. feet. at the plinth level. The nave and the balcony together can conveniently accommodate about 2,000 people. The spacious sanctuary can seat about 80-100 celebrants around the altar. The broad veranda around the church and the elevated towers at the front convey an aura of magnificence to the Church. Read More

Divyodaya Pastoral Centre

Pastoral Centre was Blessed and inaugurated on 25th June 2000. It can accommodate about 125 people in its spacious single/double bedded rooms and dormitories. On 16th April 2019 the renovated auditorium was dedicated to Late Archbishop Most Rev. Abraham Viruthakulangara, the first bishop of Khandwa.

Days to Remember & Pray